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What if I could teach you a language that would influence your customers in the direction you wanted, anytime or anywhere, would you be interested?

What if I could show you a technique to increase sales that has universal application, no matter what you are selling, or to whom, would you want to know more?

Would you like to know how to influence those around you, including work colleagues or team members?

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Neurosales brings cutting edge research from laboratories around the world into the workplace. The Mindlab neurosales course, will give your sales people an unfair advantage over your competition and help to sky rocket your sales.

Traditional sales courses offer theories about what influences or motivates customers. Neurosales on the other hand offers scientific proof of what really happens during the selling process.

Your customer’s brain receives over 10,000 messages a day. So how can you make sure that their brain is ready to hear what you have to say, and is ready to buy your product or service?
Neurosales will show you how!


On our sales course you will learn about the latest in neuroscientific sales techniques such as Priming.

For many of us making a sale is straightforward. We ask what the customer needs and then we show them how we think our product or service can meet that need. We handle objections along the way and try to make the buying decision as easy as possible.  This all takes place at a conscious level. But what if 95% of the customer’s decisions happen at an unconscious level? What do we do then?

In fact neuroscientists have now proven that this is exactly what happens. This is why priming your customer is essential for making sales.

In our program will teach you how to ‘prime’ your customers for making a buying decision, before you ever make a presentation to them. It’s both fascinating and powerful and highly effective.

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On our course you will learn:

  • Where your customers BUY buttons can be found
  • How to push them
  • How to sell to the 95% of the brain that makes buying decisions
  • How to diagnose their pain
  • How to demonstrate your claims
  • How to gain customers trust
  • How to speak the customer’s language
  • Discover how to recognise the four colour types of customers
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One-to-one Coaching

In our sales course you will also learn to improve your sales techniques.
We teach you how to:

  1. Present more effectively
  2. Overcome objections
  3. Build trust and rapport
  4. Establish credibility
  5. Anchor and prime your customer
  6. Read micro gestures
  7. Sculpt your brain for success

If you want to fill your sales funnel, maximise your pipeline and leverage your charm and effectiveness, then our bespoke neurosales program is a MUST. For more information, contact us today on 01-498 2242.

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