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Neuromarketing is the study of how consumers behave using sophisticated equipment such as eye-tracking technology, MRI scans, voice analysis software and EEG machines. In laboratories all over the world scientists are uncovering new aspects of why we buy the products we buy.  In the last few years, neuro consultants like David Kavanagh, have taken this research out of the laboratory and translated it into a language that marketing departments can understand, and therefore apply in their own businesses. Please watch our video on Neuromarketing.

Mirror Neurons

In a lab in Parma, Italy, three scientists made an amazing discovery. They realised that the brain of a monkey they were working with, was lighting up in response to watching another monkey eating food. It was as if the monkey watching was eating the food itself! From this observation, they realised that humans had a set of very powerful neurons that they called ‘mirror neurons’. These mirror neurons fire up when we see someone yawning, experiencing delight, fear or even anger and they trigger these same responses in us.

In the same way, our customers’ brains light up in response to ours. If we are fearful, pushy or don’t believe in our product or services, then they too can sense this and this affects the outcome of the sale. Do you know how to leverage this knowledge to increase sales?

Neuromarketing Training Courses Ireland

Marketing Does Not Work

It does not work because your customer can’t know what their brains are really thinking; they often say one thing but choose to do something else.

Focus groups are often ineffective because we know that the dominant person in the group can affect the decisions and perceptions of everyone else in the group, giving you false and inaccurate results.

Neuromarketing Training Courses Ireland

Neuromarketing Works

It has been scientifically proven to be accurate at predicting human behaviour.
Over sixty facial muscles control our facial reactions to a brand or product. By reading these signals, we can now understand what they, the consumer will buy.

David Kavanagh is an expert in ‘Applied Neuroscience’. This is the application of neuroscience concepts in the world of marketing and sales.

The course we run is both informative and enlightening and is essential for any business that wants to market their products more effectively. You may have spent millions on advertising or brochures, websites and billboards, but have you targeted the part of your customer’s brain that makes their decisions?

Neuromarketing Training Courses Ireland

Did you know that text put into bullet points is read more quickly and given more weight than normal text?

  • Are you surprised to learn that?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Are you reading these bullet points before the rest of the text on this page?
  • Is your mind speeding up as you read these words trying to figure out ‘what’s in it for me’?
  • Have I got your attention now?
Neuromarketing Training Courses Ireland

We will teach you about the reptilian brain, that part of the brain that lies outside of our conscious awareness but controls the vast majority of our buying decisions.

  1. It’s over 500 million years old, very lazy and likes shortcuts.
  2. It’s always on and protects us from danger.
  3. It’s very limited in its ability to interpret new information and tends to default to previous knowledge when making decisions.
  4. This means that your competition might have the edge if they are selling to your customer’s reptilian brain but you are not.

What are you waiting for?

We will also teach you the six critical factors that every marketing message must have in order to change the mind of your customer and sell more of your products.

You can’t afford to sell another product without using this knowledge!

To find out more and to arrange a consultation with our head consultant, David Kavanagh, please call us on 01-498 2242 today.

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