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Mindlab are dedicated to improving your experience of work by offering you the opportunity to develop your full potential through our programmes. We believe that by understanding how our best resource works i.e., our brain, we can become more content with life while being more productive in work at the same time.

Applying the latest research from the world of neuroscience, Mindlab’s sales training will take you inside your customer’s brain, to help you understand how they think, feel and respond to you and your sales process.

Selling takes place in stages, with multiple contact points needed to close a sale. We teach you how to refine these stages to ensure that they match your customers’ expectations.

All our consultants are expert public speakers and we include public speaking training in all our programs. Being able to convince others of the value of your proposition or product is an essential skill to master, and neuroscience can show you how.

The Mindlab team are dedicated to and passionate about your success. We will give you all the insights we possess about selling to make sure your business grows the way that you want.

We love working with people and helping them to be more effective at selling. Sales is one of the most important disciplines in business, without it your company will not thrive. Having an effective and motivated sales force, is critical to your long-term survival.

With help from our team of applied neuro-specialists, each of whom has been trained to Masters level or equivalent in the social sciences, you can be assured that the quality of training you will receive is at the very highest level, the type of service you deserve.

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